Health Checks

The NHS offers free NHS Health Checks for anyone over 40. This can be via your GP, pharmacies or by the One Health Lewisham team.

In North Lewisham, we have seen those at risk health inequalities are more likely to be at risk of a long term health problem at a younger age and less likely to come forward for a health check.

A recent pilot study working with Amersham Vale Practice invited all patients who had been flagged as at risk of health inequalities to a free health check, including those younger than 40. Of the 70 patients who attended, 60% were found to have one abnormality and 40% were under 40. Patients were identified with high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and referred for weight management, stop smoking services and managing cholesterol.

We are planning to support our GP surgeries and improve the uptake of health checks for our residents by providing health checks at the vaccination suite at the Waldron. We will be proactively inviting those who haven’t come forward and trying to provide translation and phone support to help improve uptake.

If you get invited for a health check please come forward! It’s the best way to identify the risk of developing long term health conditions and treat them before they cause serious health problems.

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