GP Access

GP Practices in North Lewisham are open but we are working differently than before Covid. These changes may mean you have appointments over the phone or be directed to another health care professional in the GP practice team. For more information on the changes – click here. We are aware that for some residents in North Lewisham, access to their GP can be difficult whether it’s due to digital barriers, long phone call waiting times or confusion over openings.

Our community forum has prioritised improving GP Access and as a group, we are working hard on this issue. We have been working with Healthwatch Lewisham to understand the problems around access.

Admin Champions

We are working with the NHS Time For Care Team to ensure every practice in the network has an access champion as part of the front desk team. We recognise there are barriers and unequal GP access which need to be improved to serve everyone in our community including the most vulnerable. The admin champions will support their practice and champion access as a group.

Safe Surgeries

We want all GP practices and all of our staff across the network to be trained and become a Safe Surgery as part of the Doctors of the World initiative. We have adapted this training to our local population’s needs.

Digital Inclusion

We are working with the CCG to set up a digital drop-in hub at the Waldron where residents who have digital problems can be supported and learn new skills. This could be on booking GP appointments through apps or general digital skills. Early conversations have been with Catbytes and Action for Community Development to ensure we work together.

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