Holistic Pain

Who are we?

We are specialist pain management physiotherapists working closely with a primary care pharmacist and a team of social prescribers.

What do we do?

At the initial appointment, there will be an assessment with a specialist pain management physiotherapist to understand the nature of the pain and other confounders that may impact the pain. Having assessed patients will be provided with a range of strategies and approaches to better manage their pain, this will also increase the confidence, boost well-being, and improve the overall quality of life. A tailormade shared management plan will be designed to consist of:

  • Consistent education advice regarding persistent pain mechanisms
  • Understanding the psychological components of persistent pain
  • Stretching, movement and activity
  • Lowering long term reliance on medications- medication reviews by the primary care 
  • Medication reviews community pharmacist
  • Impact of pain on life, how to improve confidence to cope with persistent pain
  • Relaxation and sleep strategies
  • Emotions and pain, pain anxiety, pain avoidance
  • Goal setting and pacing
  • Recognizing and measuring improvement
  • Promoting independence and function, utilizing self-help resources

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