GP Access Has Changed

We are and have always been open and providing appointments

GP practices in North Lewisham are now working differently but we continue to provide the best care possible for you. These changes may mean you have appointments over the phone or be directed to another health care professional in the GP practice team.

This is to protect all our patients from the risk of catching COVID-19 but also to help manage the number of appointment requests we are receiving. Many queries can be solved quickly and easily without speaking to a GP or having a face-to-face appointment.

We understand that access to GP care has been challenging during COVID-19 and the model
of access is adapting and improving.

Why do receptionists ask me questions? 

We are now doing Triage 

So that the people with the greatest need are seen first, and to make best use of our available appointments you will be asked a number of questions to assess what type of appointment and healthcare professional would suit you best. 

If you need a face-to-face appointment you will be offered one. All of our staff, including receptionists have been trained to do this job. They will keep the information confidential and only share it with the clinical team. 

Online Access 

You can find information on your practice website about available Apps or online services. This is the easiest and quickest way to get help from your GP practice. If you are able to go online or use an app it will help our staff answer calls for those who need help urgently or can’t use these services. 

Most practices have an online system to allow you to manage: 

  • Appointments 
  • Sick notes 
  • Accessing results 
  • Repeat Prescriptions 
  • Symptom checkers 

What can my GP not help with? 

 Your GP cannot 

  • Provide a sick note for under 7 days of absence 
  • Provide any advice or treatment regarding dental issues 
  • Perform routine eye health checks 
  • Provide proof of your COVID vaccination record or arrange COVID testing 

It is best to speak to your hospital team about: 

  • Discussing your wait time for your appointment 
  • If your appointment has been cancelled or moved 
  • Results from tests that hospital doctors have ordered 

Why aren’t I seeing my GP? 

We now have many other healthcare professionals working alongside the GPs. This means you can often be seen quickly and they will always request GP input if needed. Your practice may have: 

  • Pharmacists 
  • Paramedics 
  • Advanced nurse practitioners 
  • Mental health practitioners 

Where else can I get medical help? 

We want to help you to Choose Well – so we have developed an information page for you to see all the available services you can access without speaking to a GP. 

Always call 999 in a life threatening emergency or speak to 111 out of hours 

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