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ask First for checking symptoms, local services, appointments, self care and general enquiries.

The AskFirst is a free, easy to use app that connects you to your GP Practice. People of all ages, registered at a Lewisham GP practice can download and access NHS health care advice for free. Features include the symptom checker (triaging symptoms and directing patients to appropriate healthcare), booking video appointments, telephone appointments, physio appointments, flu jabs, smear tests, and mental health appointments.

What does it do?

Book Telephone appointments with your GP

View, choose and directly book a telephone appointment with your GP at a time that suits you. Simply select from the appointments your practice has on offer.

Book Video appointments with your GP

View, choose and directly book a video appointment with your GP at a time that suits you. Simply select from the appointments your practice has on offer.

Book appointments with mental health specialists 

By selecting ‘my mental health’ you will be directed to the tried and tested Lewisham talking services where you can refer yourself and ring the helpline.

Book Appointments with Physios

View, choose and directly book a telephone physio appointment at a time that suits you, without the need for a referral from your GP. Simply select from the appointments pure physio has on offer.

Symptom Checker 

If you are unsure whether you need an appointment, accessing the symptom checker will ask you roughly 15 questions and then direct you to the most appropriate care depending on the urgency of your symptoms. The outcome of the symptom checker is calculated using NHS advice. You can be guided to booking an appointment via the app, to 999 or 111, to your nearest pharmacy or some simple self-care.

Admin Request 

If you need some documentation from your GP practice, like a sick note or travel information, you can send a request directly to your practice.

Self Care 

This function provides you with direct access to NHS advice on the NHS webpages.

Choose your assistant. 

Select a virtual health care assistant form a variety of options.


Access the latest information about COVID-19, access self assessments and request a COVID-19 test.

Book an appointment, Check your symptoms, Get trusted self-care advice, Available 24/7 — Putting you first in line all of the time — Ask First

How does it work? 

It works by recognising you as a Lewisham patient once you register with the ASK NHS GP application.

How do I register? 

  • Download free AskFirst from app store
  • Click Create Your Account 
  • Enter your postcode, surname, DOB, gender, email (this is your username) + create password

Will it cost me money? 

It is free to download the AskFirst application and use it.

How much memory will it take up? 

It is 4MB.

What happens with my personal data? 

To register with the AskFirst application you will be asked to provide your surname, postcode, D.O.B and an email address. When you use the symptom checker you will be given the option for your clinical summary to be shared with your GP, should you need to see a GP based on your symptoms. The ASK NHS GP does not save any clinical information on your phone. It does save data on the NHS cloud.

Can the app link into my health records? 

The AskFirst application does not offer you access to your health records. It does share your clinical summary with your GP as part of using the symptom checker which will connect to your health record. This can facilitate your GP to deal with your medical problem more efficiently when they see you.

Is there a web version? 

Yes, you can access online on

Has this been tested by clinicians and patients? 

The app has been developed by local GPs based on a similar app. The clinical algorithm for the ASK NHS GP application has been developed by a company called Advanced. This is a UK based company lead by GPs that work for the NHS. In Lewisham it has been tested by local clinicians to ensure that it is safe to use.

Is there an age limit?

No, the app is available for all ages. Just create an account for each user.

How does it know what appointments are available? 

The number of appointments will vary from practice to practice. Each practices makes specific appointment slots available for the AskFirst app to search and book.

When can I use the app? 

The app is available to access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on your personal device.

Why has Lewisham CCG decided to develop an app? 

NHS Lewisham CCG commission, monitor and buy NHS services aimed at improving health for people in Lewisham. We want people to be able to access the right care, in the right place at the right time. So we are supporting local people to do their bit by taking better care of themselves and choosing the right service. The CCG is working with OHL to help local people to overcome difficulties accessing services such as selfcare advice and GP appointments.

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